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TravelHotel, Tour and Travels Booking HTML Responsive Template

Created: 03/08/2017
Updated: 11/11/2018
By: RN53 Themes

This is the template documentation file. Please search this before submitting a support request. Note that we do not support template customizations beyond it's original functionality & appearance.

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Getting Started A bit about getting started with your Html project.


After downloaded the template package from Themeforest, unzip it if you haven't already. Inside the package you will find the following files and folders:

  • World Tour
    • Documentation
    • HTML
      • css
        • bootstrap.css
        • font-awesome.min.css
        • animate.css
        • radio.css
        • mob.css
        • style.css
        • materialize.css
      • font
      • images
      • js
        • bootstrap.js
        • custom.js
        • html5shiv.js
        • jquery-latest.min.js
        • respond.min.js
        • wow.min.js
        • materialize.min.js
        • jquery-ui.js
      • index.html
      • about.html
      • family-package.html
      • group-package.html
      • honeymoon-package.html
      • regular-package.html
      • weekend-package.html
      • places.html
      • places-1.html
      • places-2.html
      • tour-book.html
      • tour-details.html
      • hotels-list.html
      • hotel-details.html
      • booking.html
      • booking1.html
      • events.html
      • price-list.html
      • testimonials.html
      • tips.html
      • discount.html
      • blog.html
      • blog-inner.html
      • contact.html
      • faq.html
      • sitemap.html
      • 404.html
      • dashboard.html
      • db-all-payment.html
      • db-event-booking.html
      • db-event-details.html
      • db-hotel-booking.html
      • db-hotel-details.html
      • db-my-profile.html
      • db-my-profile-edit.html
      • db-payment.html
      • db-refund.html
      • db-travel-booking.html
      • db-travel-details.html
      • register.html
      • login.html
      • forgot-pass.html


Follow these easy steps to install the template from scratch:

  1. Connect to your website with an Ftp client (eg. FileZilla)
  2. Upload the contents of the whole /Template folder to your desired root folder
  3. Once uploaded, edit the template files according to your needs, than save
  4. Refresh your browser in order to see the modifications


To edit the files in this template, you need a text / code editor software installed on your computer. Below, there are some popular free code editor softwares:

Included Files A bit about the template files included in the theme.

Html Files

In the unzipped archive, you will find the following html template files:

File Name Description
index.html The main home page template, Top sections are slider, quick enquiry, package and more..
about.html Describe for about your company and more.
family-package.html Describe about family package
group-package.html Describe about group package
honeymoon-package.html Describe about honeymoon package
regular-package.html Describe about regular package
weekend-package.html Describe about weekend package
hotels-list.html List all hotels
hotel-details.html Hotel Full Details
places.html Describe about tour places
places-1.html Describe about tour places
places-2.html Describe about tour places
tour-book.html Describe about world tour packages
tour-details.html Describe about the tour and package information
booking.html Tour and Travel booking page
events.html Describe about travel events
price-list.html Describe about price details
testimonials.html Customer testimonials about your package and all
tips.html Describe about tips for travel peoples
discount.html Describe about package discount
blog.html Write your article and events
blog-1.html Blog full details
contact.html Describe about location, quick enquiry and address
faq.html Describe about frequency asked questions
sitemap.html Describe about all page links and SEO purposes
404.html Describe about page not found

The main html template file is index.html

Css Files

In the HTML/css folder, you will find the following structure:

  • css/
    • bootstrap.css
    • font-awesome.min.css
    • animate.css
    • radio.css
    • mob.css
    • style.css

The default css stylesheet of the theme is style.css

Script Files

In the HTML/js/ folder, you will find the following structure:

  • js/
    • bootstrap.js
    • custom.js
    • html5shiv.js
    • jquery-latest.min.js
    • respond.min.js
    • wow.min.js

The main javascript files of the theme is custom.js

Font Files

In the HTML/fonts/ folder, you will find the following structure:

  • fonts/
    • FontAwesome
    • fontawesome-webfont.eot
    • fontawesome-webfont.svg
    • fontawesome-webfont
    • fontawesome-webfont.woff
    • fontawesome-webfont.woff2

The above fonts are same font family and it's support all browsers.

view more Font Awesome Icons FontAwesome

Coding Structure A bit about the usuage of the advanced functions.


The header section defind for meta tags, website title, fav icon, google fonts and style sheets(css files)

  1. Meta tag : The meta tag provides metadata about the HTML document. Metadata will not be displayed on the page, but will be machine parsable. Meta elements are typically used to specify page description, keywords, author of the document and more
  2. Title tag : Title for your website
  3. Fav icon : Favicons appear in the browser tab, address bar, browser history, bookmarks bar, etc
  4. Google Font : A simple and easy way to add custom google fonts to your website.
  5. Style Sheets(CSS Files) Style Sheet files

The body section defind for header, slider, band, services, free consultant and more..

  1. Pre loader : This division shows from before website loading.
  2. Header : Contain logo,help line and social media
  3. Navigation : Website navigation
  4. Slider : Contain slide show
  5. Quick Enquiry : Contain phone, email, social media and quick enquiry
  6. Top tour packages(Home Package) : This section show some important tour packages
  7. Free Consultant : Contain contact details
  8. Events : This section shows world event list
  9. Popular places : This section shows world popular places
  10. Request a quotes : Qutes enquiry send from your mail id using PHP form

The footer section defind for tips before travel, popular travels, contact details and copyrights

  1. Tips before travel This section contain Tips before travel, customer testimonials and Arrangements..
  2. Footer 1 This section show Offer tour packages and Popular Vacations
  3. Footer 2 This section show Address,Subscribe,FAQ,Locations and Social Media.
  4. Footer Copyrights Copy rights section
  5. Script files All Jquery and JavaScript files here.

Tutorials A bit about the usuage of the advanced functions.

  1. Open up style.css from the /HTML/css/ folder
  2. On find this class".home_title h1 span ", change the value of the color code("#00BCD4") to what ever you needs.

Need a yellow band use "band.png" image

Need a red band use "band1.png" image

3.1.3: Free Consultant
  1. Open up index.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. You can modify every thing like title,help line and contact now link
3.1.4: EVENTS
  1. Open up events.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. You can add multiple events in this list
  1. Open up index.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. You can modify and add multiple packages
  1. Open up index.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. You don't need any required fields you can remove "required"
  1. Open up index.html from the /HTML/ folder
  1. Open up index.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. Here you can write one testimonial
  3. You can add multiple testimonials to "testimonials.html" page
  1. Open up family-package.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. Here we have two sections, Left side package image and Right side package descriptions.
  3. image size 550px X 350px
3.1.10: BLOG
  1. Open up blog.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. Here we have two sections, Left side blog image and Right side blog descriptions.
  3. image size 550px X 350px
3.1.11: DISCOUNT
  1. Open up discount.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. Here you can add multiple discount packages..
  3. open style.css and find class ".pack_title", here you change background image
3.1.12: GOOGLE MAP
  1. Open up contact.html from the /HTML/ folder
  2. Get your iframe code from google map
  3. Note: Remove all inline css
3.1.13: SITEMAP
  1. Open up sitemap.html from the /HTML/ folder

File Sources A bit about credits & file resources of assets used in theme.

Script Sources
Font Sources
Css Sources
Image Sources

Note: Images used in the theme preview are only for demo purposes and not included in the main download.